Ivy music school is the training ground for the next generation of music producers, music composers, and sound engineers.

We are experts in the industry, and we teach a professional Advanced program in Music Production for film and media. We work closely with composers, engineers, and producers to create a broad, hands-on, and cutting-edge curriculum. This prepares our students to launch a career in the music industry as unique as they are. What unites our students and team is a love of music and a passion to create.

 The musician of the future will be a specialist who is in full charge of his profession, and who possesses skills beyond his excellence in performance. Our program follows a clear path through all this: excellence above all. Every element of the musical profession is practiced at a high level; musical craftmanship, artistic authenticity, but also didactic and entrepreneurial skills. All of this provides students with the best possible starting position for a career in the international music world.